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CleanTech Open, What is it and How Can You Get Involved?

Due to the Coronavirus, many sporting events have been forced to cancel, but while the French Open has been postponed, CleanTech Open is still on.
The CleanTech Open funds startups which promote clean technology, with the aim of forging a sustainable future.

Since it began in 2005, CleanTech Open has trained 1,600+ clean technology startup entrepreneurs and created over 3,000 clean economy jobs.

There are a variety of challenges and competitions which startups can take part in to receive funding.

The organisation is the biggest accelerator programme for the industry in the world and operates on the principle of the three f’s: find, fund and foster.

Here are some clean technology examples from previous years, which CleanTech Open has been able to support:

Jordan Energy Alternative (JEA)
Jason Jordan was enraged when he and his fellow Ohian residents were charged an extra fee, subsidising two nuclear power plants when many were struggling to meet the bill beforehand.

Furthermore, Ohio burns coal for 59% of its electricity, a finite source which will one day run out.

Jason decided that something must be done, so he founded the Jordan Energy Alternative, which provides affordable renewable energy products – such as solar panels – for homes and small businesses.

SINN Power
The startup won $10,000USD for the Global Ideas Award 2019, for a design which looks like a Robovac crossed with a barnacle.

SINN Power uses wave energy technology to supply clean energy from the largest renewable source on planet earth: the sea. The invention is placed on the coast, receiving wave upon wave which is turned into energy. “We see a future where the power of nature and technology become one,” claims the startup.

Although showers save far more water than baths, unused water continues to be wasted down the drain, literally.

With bushfires increasing in intensity across the planet as greenhouse gasses make the world hotter, this precious water is needed to protect people and the planet from destruction.

The Oasense (pronounced: oh-eh-sense) shower head can sense when the bather is standing under the shower head and turns the water flow off when they move away to apply shampoo – saving water.

Do you want to get involved with CleanTech Open?
If you’d like to become a part of the CleanTech Open programme, there are many ways to do so:

Mentor (do you think you could mentor a startup through its infancy?)
Volunteer (build your network and expand your skill set)
or donate (which is tax-deductible).
Click here to find out how to apply for any of these positions.

However, if you would much prefer to seek investment for your startup, click here.

Our world is changing. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the leaders of the globe how simultaneously vulnerable and resistant the current status quo is.

Many are hoping to make use of this moment – in preparing our world against climate change.

If you have a promising idea, there are investors waiting to hear from you. Get involved with CleanTech Open and get your idea off the ground.

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