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Business for Nature Inspiring Green Recovery

Business for Nature will be holding the first global leadership event bringing together forward-thinking businesses and world leaders for an interactive discussion to show the importance of nature for success.
Business for Nature is hosting the first major global leadership event to discuss nature in a world rethinking how to emerge from the crisis of a pandemic. Held on the 15th June, the event will be hosted by Paul Polman, Co-founder of IMAGINE, and Tian Wei, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and news anchor.

This event is keen to “catalyse business leadership to drive policy ambition” by bringing together inspiring businesses and world leaders. Business for Nature wants to show how making nature part of your decision-making is crucial to becoming a future-fit business.

As a diverse and powerful group of organisations and networks, Business for Nature aims to convey a united business voice, demonstrate business ambition, showcase business solutions and communicate the case for reversing nature loss.

By bringing together influential organisations and forward-thinking businesses, Business for Nature’s global coalition demonstrates collective action and amplifies a powerful voice calling for governments to adopt a green recovery post-COVID-19.

Kick-starting the decade of action
2020 is the first year in the ‘decade of action’ for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are an “urgent call for action by all countries”, which aims to tackle climate change and preserve our oceans and forests. With this decade of acceleration just beginning, this event comes at the perfect time to urge businesses to take a greener, more sustainable initiative whilst adhering to the UN’s goals.

Nature is now at the forefront of many businesses and organisations agendas as the coronavirus pandemic has made the need for environmental and societal change inescapable. The event champions the importance of nature whilst encouraging business to come together in volume and advocate for governments to implement policies to reverse nature loss.

Business for Nature wants to show political leaders, as they draft out their COVID-19 recovery plans, that a thriving world is a critical priority.

There has been a push in the business world for a ‘green recovery’ and it is nature that is at the beating heart of rebuilding post-coronavirus. The event wants to champion this ‘green recovery’ to ‘build back better’ and inspire businesses to be part of this crucial change for a stronger economy.

Through this global coalition, the event wants to show the momentum surrounding a new deal for nature is strong. Business for Nature calls for these businesses to use their voice to inspire governments to establish the policies needed to reverse nature loss and kick start the ‘decade of action’.

Time for business and nature
With World Environment Day’s strapline as “Time for Nature”, the event amplifies and recognises the importance of nature in caring for ourselves. The event promotes the vital conversation needed surrounding the role of nature and shows the key role business leaders play in this time of change.

World Environment Day’s theme of biodiversity highlighted the “urgent and existential” crisis nature is facing. Business for Nature shares this concern and want to make a change to how businesses and leaders work together for a ‘green recovery’ post-coronavirus. By acting now, Business for Nature will help to protect and preserve nature and give all aspects of society the chance to become more resilient. This will allow us to thrive within, not beyond, natures limits.

Nature is more important than ever and Business for Nature will champion its vital role in building a resilient future in a post-coronavirus world. Alongside their partners, World Economic Forum, WBCSD, ICC, UN Global Compact and the IUCN Business for Nature will lead an interactive discussion on why making nature part of decision-making is critical to becoming a future-fit business.

Register now for the event – Building business resilience: How collective leadership will reverse nature loss.

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