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Dare to Dream: A Sustainable Food Mission

Satopia Travel, a luxury Dutch travel agency, is hoping to replicate the freedom and exploration that travel allows through their Dare to Dream experiences, encouraging people to learn, connect and dare to dream in spite of current limitations.
On Friday 29th May, Satopia Travel launched Dare to Dream – a series of free online experiences aimed at inspiring attendees through conversations with some of the world’s leading chefs: Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco, Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc and Francis Mallmann.

Hosting some of the most remarkable people in the cooking world, the events, sponsored by Zoom, will be focussed on the concept of “Think Global, Act Local”. With this in mind, the celebrity chefs will explore how they are dealing with the unprecedented impacts of our changing climate, and what they are doing to support their local community.

Specialising in exclusive small group travel, designed to connect and educate, their hosted experiences are not being limited by the global pandemic. Instead, Satopia has sought alternative experiences, exploring the impact of the gastronomy and hospitality in this case, and engaging people in the process. Not only this, but the event will save carbon emissions through going virtual.

Founders Emma Ponsonby and Ahmed Gouda said: “We consider travel to be a fundamental part of our journey in life. It has the power to unite humanity and inspire us to be more conscious of how we approach life. We wanted to create a new way to experience the world, that puts people first, before the destination as a way for people to travel and learn from others at the same time.”

The sustainable food movement
The relationship between food and sustainability is an important one. Now more than ever, it is essential to take a more responsible approach to the food we consume, with the vision to think more consciously about where our food comes from. By supporting local farmers and communities we can have a positive impact on the environment, whilst providing critical support to local business in these challenging times.

In particular, Michelin Star Chef Raymond Blanc, who is speaking on 10 June, is passionate about championing local produce and is driving change in the sustainability of food. President of the Sustainable Restaurant Association since 2012, Blanc’s approach is crucial, with the pandemic undoubtedly marking a change in food philosophy, and is an inspiration to the masses.

Adopting sustainable principles of food production throughout his career, Blanc hopes to sway luxury food from its wasteful nature. Blanc instead advocates for a more responsible, ‘close to home’ approach, by helping local farmers and communities with a focus on seasonality.

Reinforcing the importance of a positive relationship between food and the earth, Emma Ponsonby, CEO of Satopia Travel, notes: “One thing is clear. The desire to see the world is stronger than ever and we will appreciate our planet and all those who inhabit it with a heightened sense of consideration and kindness in the future.”

The virtual events begin tomorrow and will run on until 12 June:

Register here for the Dare to Dream Virtual Event with Massimo Bottura on Wednesday 3 June at 4pm BST.

Register here for the Dare to Dream Virtual Event with Carlo Cracco on Friday 5 June at 4pm BST.

Register here the Dare to Dream Virtual Event with Marco Pierre White on Monday 8 June at 4pm BST.

Register here the Dare to Dream Virtual Event with Raymond Blanc on Wednesday 10 June at 4pm BST.

Register here the Dare to Dream Virtual Event with Francis Mallman on Friday 12 June at 4pm BST.

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