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From lockdown to touchdown – green holiday ideas post quarantine

As lockdowns are lifted and economies move back into action, here are five locations for a clean green break.
After months of short car journeys, box sets and occasional picnics, more things are starting to reopen, including airports and international borders

It is possible to plan a holiday at last.

Here are some ideas for a post-quarantine holiday, which have a carbon-neutral twist.

However, before you book, please check the latest advice from your government.

From lockdown to touchdown – green holiday ideas post quarantine – CleanTech News
Hugging the corner of Europe, facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal offers the typical sun, sea, and sand – with sangria.

In 2018, the Portuguese government agreed to work towards an extraordinary target: 90% of the country’s energy demand would come from renewables, by 2040.

Strides have been made, from the Windfloat wind farm off the Portuguese coast and to building vast solar farms.

Also, following the Coronavirus crisis, many are deciding to reduce their consumption of animal products or going strictly vegan.

For those who travel to Portugal, a vegan dating app Veggly declared Lisbon to be the second most vegan-friendly city in the world.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to stretch your travels far to make up for the quarantine, you could travel to Portugal via Interrail. Armed with hand sanitiser in your pockets, Interrailing has a lower carbon footprint than flying.

Here at CleanTech News, we are desperate to visit Bhutan. It is the only carbon negative country in the world – but it is even more appealing since the devastating Coronavirus.

Wedged in-between India and China, Bhutan, barely more than a micro-nation, has a 90% recovery rate of the Coronavirus.

But even with schools and shops back open, the government has cautioned citizens to socially distance.

Bhutan has been repeatedly ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. One of the main factors is believed to be the Buddhist Bhutanese government’s prioritisation of happiness over profit.

Residents have returned this, by adhering to the safety measures, without the complaints seen in many Western nations.

From lockdown to touchdown – green holiday ideas post quarantine – CleanTech News
CleanTech News has reported extensively on Denmark’s exemplary strides towards carbon-neutrality – from wind farms on “Energy Islands” to vegan leather startups.

The country has suffered from the Coronavirus, but is now out of Lockdown, with pubs and cafes back to serving Carlsberg and pastries as normal.

A holiday here can be achieved by plane, train or car (for those in Europe), but those wanting to go further afield, could even try a trip to the world’s largest island, Greenland, an autonomous territory which is a part of Denmark.

From lockdown to touchdown – green holiday ideas post quarantine – CleanTech News
An unlikely candidate, but one which should not be written off.

Tourism to Pakistan has tripled since 2013, with visitors enjoying sites such as the 9th century Derawar fortress or a drive through Hunza Valley (along the Old Silk Road).

A trip to the Fairy Meadows would certainly Instagram-worthy.

CleanTech News recently reported on the new Dasu hydropower plant in Pakistan and the nanotechnology used to create face masks by the Pakistani company NanoClo.

The country is stepping up its efforts to welcome the world in and march against climate change.

Pakistan will be a passport stamp to impress.

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