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How Inovateus Solar is Revolutionising Solar Energy

Inovateus Solar, one of the leading utility and commercial solar developers in the Midwest US, is changing the solar energy landscape as we know it.
The company has recently implemented new sustainable solar development practices, which aim to make at least half of their projects “zero waste” in 2020 and beyond. Their goals include having zero construction waste going to landfill, as well as to reduce land use through sustainable design, reduce the impact on the land, and to create recycling plans for when their projects reach their end of operations in 25 years.

The Innovateus vision
They plan to accomplish zero waste for all of their commercial, industrial, and utility solar job sites with their seven-step plan. Among other things, this consists of installing primary reuse and recycle receptacles in strategic, or permissible locations on-site, as well as transporting waste by contracting with local recyclers.

Inovateus has been an industry leader in solar energy for over 11 years and currently delivers over 400MW, which makes them the top Midwest solar energy provider to businesses, municipalities, schools and utilities.

Inovateus has developed and financed large projects for many famous retail brands such as IKEA and Walgreens, as well as Midwest and South East utilities. They also develop solar for schools, universities, and city infrastructure projects.

With the mission of “Building a Brilliant Tomorrow”, Inovateus is striving to find ways to combat the issue of e-waste and keeping toxic substances out of landfills. E-waste, which includes solar modules that have been damaged and discarded, is a huge societal problem and equates to approximately 70% of overall toxic waste in the U.S.

Recycling and development
But one of the ways Inovateus is helping to solve the problem is working with local recycling companies; one of whom was recently able to break down the damaged solar modules into a usable glass and other raw materials for future manufacturing.

As well as their focus on recycling, Inovateus provide high quality personalised solar development services throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. The company builds on the ethos of their founder Tom Kanczuzewski, who once said “we must promote the solution.”

The entrepreneur had a vision back in 2008 of developing a socially responsible company to meet the demand for renewable energy and his innovative company is now very much living up to that objective.

Stewardship and sustainability
Another way that Inovateus is reducing pollution and other negative environmental impacts is through ‘Stewardship and Sustainability’, which highlights Resource Preservation, Energy Intelligence and Vitality of Life as their key areas of emphasis.

Abiding by their core values of PEACE (Passion-Engagement-Ambition-Creativity-Esprit de Corp), Inovateus Solar believes in “stewardship and sustainable practices because they will allow Earth and all things living to survive and thrive.”

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