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Sustainable sanitary pads made from bamboo: “A booming business”

Motivated by sustainability, startup RI Nanotech was founded by Rajendra Joshi, with a vision to support society, using smart materials to make sustainable sanitary pads.
Indian startup, RI Nanotech, has tackled a big problem in India: providing affordable, biodegradable, sustainable sanitary pads.

Most sanitary items contain plastic and end up sitting in landfill. As CleanTech News previously reported, landfill sites are a cause of methane emissions – one of the leading greenhouse gases which contributes to climate change.

RI Nanotech’s sanitary pads are made from bamboo and banana fibre, which are 100% biodegradable.

India has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus and lately entered into disputes with Kashmir and China. Despite this, their desire for a cleaner India has not diminished.

CleanTech spoke to CEO Rajendra Joshi to hear about what the startup has achieved and its commitment to sustainability.

Why was it important for you to make sure your product was safe for the environment?
We get a lot of waste, even in my town. Waste management is very important, so why not make more products biodegradable? Now is the time to move for eco-friendly products! We have to be eco friendly – to lower our CO2 emissions and become renewable.

Your sanitary products are made in India from ingredients such as bamboo and banana cotton and you recently started exporting to New Zealand. How have customers reacted to the product?
It took us more than one year to make this cost-effective product. People of all castes and classes can afford them and they say it’s very nice! For so many years people were waiting for a comfortable sanitary pad that was biodegradable – business is booming for us!

The 2018 Indian film Period. End of a Sentence was widely applauded. How has the national attitude changed towards periods since then?
Now, there is more awareness. People understand women’s problems. I remind my Human Resources people: we are here to help society! Yes, things are changing…

How do people react when you tell them that you create sanitary products?
There are different kinds of people, they have a different type of philosophy. Some people give a funny remark, but others say: “Thank you!”

What is next for Ri Nanotech?
We have wanted to make things in India for so many years and depended on other countries. Now, we are the supplier for the globe! We are coming up with more social products: we are working towards air conditioners for the lowest in society, powered by solar tiles. We are also continuing to look at good solutions for waste.

Startups finding creative ways to manufacture everyday products. Creating them in a manner which will not emit dangerously high levels of greenhouse gasses, they are keeping the planet cleaner.

Sustainable sanitary pads made from bamboo: “A booming business” – CleanTech News
Rajendra Joshi, Founder & CEO of RI Nanotech India

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