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Eutopia: Data Intelligence for Green Innovation

Examining Eutopia – the potential of start-up databases to accelerate and support investment in green technology.
The CleanTech market is incrediby broad, defined by complexity, whilst constituting a variety of very specific technical solutions to the climate crisis. As such, for corporations and international organisations, it can be daunting to approach. With global energy landscapes experiencing a time of unpredicted volatility, it is more crucial than ever to connect decision makers to cutting edge clean technologies, meeting their specific needs while lowering carbon emissions. However, there remains a substantial barrier to uptake, with few available resources aiming to encourage brand-to-brand connection.

This is a gap that Eutopia – an early-stage start up on a mission to accelerate climate tech – is aiming to fill. Mapping innovative green solutions for the European market, they hope to make it easier than ever for organisations to invest in CleanTech, enabling connections which will facilitate green solutions.

In an interview with CleanTech News, Co-Founder and CEO Federico Cristoforoni tells us more.
“We are building one of Europe’s largest green tech start-up databases” he begins. “There are a lot of promising solutions out there, but they are not very easy to find. Our vision is to have everybody looking for green innovation finding exactly what they are looking for.”

“The concept is not that new, there are a lot of other databases that do something similar – but we are focusing on this niche [cleantech] because we feel like it’s the right time to invest,” he continues.

Currently working with smaller investors and accelerators, Eutopia hopes to expand its range once its platform is fully operational, with future growth predicted amongst both corporations and international organisations.

“Corporations are one of the most active investors in the cleantech field. They’re going to be pushed more and more in this direction and they need very specific solutions – that’s where we might be very helpful to them.” Cristoforoni says, explaining why the corporate sector is of particular importance.

Although they might not be there yet, with the platform still very much under construction, their database is continuously growing through automated collection technologies, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, Cristoforoni says that alongside automation, they beginning to encourage start-ups to approach them directly, providing the relevant information through a more collaborative approach. “It’s something we are very keen on doing later on but it takes time,” he continues, emphasising they are still in the early stages of development.

Alongside the provision of data solutions, Eutopia also aims to encourage clean innovation directly, committing to invest 50% of its surplus revenue in green technologies and initiatives.

“We think it’s important to have a commitment towards green technology. At this step, we are only starting to generate revenue, so we are far from having meaningful profits to reinvest but we wanted this direction to be out there, clearly stated from day one,” Cristoforoni says, further reinforcing their environmental focus.

As Eutopia continues its development, we are excited to see its potential applications, and how it helps us all to move one step closer towards a carbon net zero future.

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