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Home electric vehicle charging made simple with NeoCharge

Electric vehicles are known for their environmental benefits, not their charging convenience; however that’s changing, thanks to Californian startup, NeoCharge.
Startup, NeoCharge, has an innovative solution to make home charging electric vehicles more convenient for households with multiple drivers.

In the USA, 28% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation and in Europe, the figure sits at 27%.

There have been many positive developments for electric vehicles in recent years. Despite the introduction of wireless charging pads and formal calls for more sustainable transport, fossil-fuel vehicles remain supreme.

Refuelling petrol and diesel vehicles is a quick, easy and familiar process meaning many drivers are reluctant to make the move to electric vehicles. Many households also have more than one vehicle and not the capability to charge two electric vehicles at once.

Neocharge has created an answer for those who want to make the move to clean energy: the Smart Splitter. The Smart Splitter can charge two electric vehicles at the same time meaning drivers won’t have to timetable their charging hours or decide who charges their vehicle first.

CleanTech News spoke to Director of Business Operations, Ryan Meffert and Business Development Intern, Eva Hughes. On what was a stormy August evening in the UK, was a clear, bright morning in California, USA, where the startup is based.

How did NeoCharge begin?
Our startup began two years ago. We are small right now, that’s not stopping us!

What do you want to achieve?
For people who want to adapt to electric vehicles, charging it has to be convenient for them. We’re there to make the problem of electric vehicle home charging simple and convenient! We asked electric vehicle drivers: “What is the biggest problem?” They said charging at home.

For home electric vehicle charging, a household with two electric vehicles might need to hire an electrician to get an additional outlet fitted. This can cost $5,000USD. Some have explained that they cannot drive electric, because of this.

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter allows two EV’s to be charged together – helping households with more than one EV and even guests – home charging just got that much easier!

How is your startup supporting the environment?
Ultimately, we want to provide more visibility into energy usage and reward EV drivers for using cleaner and more affordable energy. We know eventually our planet is going to run out of fossil fuels and we will have to adapt to electric vehicles at some point, so why not future-proof your home?

What’s next for you?
The NeoCharge team is currently working on a smart charging platform, where we will provide energy usage monitoring, clean energy charging capabilities and rewards for EV drivers for using cleaner and more affordable energy.

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